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How to Choose the Right Mosquito Net for Windows and Doors

How to Choose the Right Mosquito Net for windows and doors?

People face major annoyance during the warmer months due to mosquitoes and other insects. They don’t just stop there; they also transfer infectious agents through their bites. These itchy bites can cause swelling with a reddish appearance. They carry infectious agents like malaria, dengue, zika virus, etc. The population of mosquitoes increases mainly during warmer seasons. To protect your family and your health, you need to take preventive measures to keep mosquitoes at bay and stay safe indoors. A mosquito screen is the best option to go for to keep insects and mosquitoes at bay. It is an eco-friendly option and doesn’t have any harmful effects on people or nature.

Determine your needs

It is always recommended to question your needs and consider all your needs before choosing the right screen. Consider some questions like what type of mesh screen do you need? What kind of screens suit your interiors? What is the size of your windows and doors? answering all of your questions will help you choose the best screen for your doors and windows.

Measure the size of your doors and windows

Measure the size of the windows and doors of your residence to customize the mosquito mesh to fit your doors and windows. It is important to measure the height and width and also the frame. All these will help you choose the right size screen for your apartment

Consider the right type of mesh

There are several types of mesh screens like invisible screens, Zip screens which again have two variants like motorized and manual, aluminum screens, etc. All these mesh types have their advantages and disadvantages. Some are lightweight, some are easy to install, some are easy to maintain, some are more transparent, and some are long-lasting. So considering the type of mesh is also important when purchasing mosquito mesh.

Check the warranty

Make sure you check the warranty on mosquito screens before purchasing. Most of the insect screens come with warranties, at least for a year. Ensure that you buy the best mesh with a longer warranty. A good warranty will always help you have long-lasting insect protection. Always remember that a screen without a warranty is protection without surety.

In conclusion, considering all the above steps are very crucial to choose the best mosquito net for windows. We at Meshler offer you the best mosquito screen products with standard printing and high quality. We manufacture innovative insect screens to suit modern architecture and interiors. Here we offer pleated screens, pleated security screens, honeycomb partitions, Zip screens, and invisible screens. These screens are transparent and help you enjoy the beautiful landscapes around your residence.


Our screens come with a 5 years warranty and we also provide free installation services. They have premium features like a magnetic lock, standard frames, weatherproof mesh, etc. These are eco-friendly options to keep the annoying mosquitoes at bay and stay safe inside. They not only offer protection from insects but also block out harmful sun rays. Our screens are customized to your doors and windows and fit into any size of doors and windows. If you are looking for the best mosquito net for your doors and windows, our products are the best choice to go for. Contact us right away to install mosquito screens and enjoy a buzz-free zone this summer.


How important is it to choose the right mosquito screen for your apartment doors and windows?

Choosing the right insect screen is very important as it helps you to keep all the annoying insects at bay and improve the comfort of your living. It shields your home from every unwanted visitor and also prevents mosquito borne diseases

What are the different types of mesh screens available in the market?

There are different types of screens in the market like invisible screens, Zip screens, aluminum screens, pleated screens, nylon nets etc..

How do I make sure the mosquito net fits properly to the doors and windows of my house?

Before purchasing a product is it good to measure the size of your doors and windows. Following the instruction guide while installing or taking the help of manufacturer to measure the size and to install would be a great advantage to get the right fit for your windows and doors.