What are the benefits of mosquito screens for windows ?

What are the benefits of mosquito screens for windows ?

Have you heard this fact ? Every year, nearly 500 million mosquito borne illnesses are being spread throughout the world, with almost 2.7 million deaths as a result of mosquito bites. Majority 90% of diseases are detected in Africa only. Some of the most detected mosquito borne diseases are malaria, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya. These insects fly over the food, dropping infectious bacteria and viruses which cause diseases. Sometimes mosquito bites can cause inflammation in children. 

Sounds scary right ? It’s very important for us to take safety measures to not be one among the victims of mosquito bites.

Keeps mosquitoes at bay

Mosquito screens for doors and windows are the best solution to prevent the invasion of mosquitoes into our residences . These screens fit firmly over all windows and doors to keep noisy and deadly bugs and mosquitoes at bay.

Protects from direct sun rays

UV rays emitted by the sun are extremely harmful to our skiing and health, so we all need a shield to protect ourselves from these harmful radiations. These insect screens not only keep insects at bay, but they also protect us from direct sunlight. These are used to block out UV rays emitted by the sun and maintain the temperature of the

Provides good ventilation

Majority of people in polluted areas choose to keep their windows and doors shut but they don’t actually know that breathing in oxygen is essential for good blood circulation and to survive. In this case, installing these mosquito screens to your doors and windows help to have enough ventilation and prevent suffocation. It allows a gentle breeze into your residences, maintaining cool temperature inside.

Best option to enhance the beauty of your interiors while keeping insects outside

This type of screen is custom made and increases the beauty of your interiors. It comes with a wide range of color options with standard printing. This is a smart choice to make if you want to keep mosquitoes out and enhance the look of your interiors.

Healthy mosquito defense

It is an ideal substitution of traditional mosquito control measures. People in some areas use traditional methods to keep mosquitoes at bay, such as burning coils and spraying chemicals. The smoke emitted from this poses several carcinogenic agents which are harmful. This smoke is harmful especially to young people and people who are with weak immune systems.Installing this kind of screen on your windows and doors is the best way to replace traditional insect control measures.

Ensures goodnight rest

Because of the noisy nature of mosquitoes,people have difficulty sleeping at night. Installing these mosquito screens will permit you to have a good night’s rest and prevent sleeping disorders like insomnia.

We Meshler, operating in Hyderabad, provides a wide range of high quality mosquito screens.These screens come with various color choices with standard printing. We use polyester to manufacture our mesh products which are water resistant. We provide pleated mesh of 32 and 25 mm series , honeycomb partition, zip screens , invisible screens, aluminum insect foldable screens. Our insect screens are customized and durable. These give an elegant look for your residences. These are the best options for safeguarding your residence from insects.The one who rules your environment is the one who dominates over it. Say no to mosquitoes and get Meshler premium mosquito screens to maintain your peace and health. Contact us right away to shield your residence from disease carrying insects.

Is it easy to install mosquito screens on windows?

Yes, it is very easy to install mosquito screens on windows. Certain sorts of tools are used to install these screens, and following instructions will make it a bit easier for a house owner to install them himself.

Can these mosquito screens be customized to fit different windows?

Yes, these mosquito screens can be customized to fit any type of window, and Meshler mosquito screens come with this customizable option that suits any kind of window.

Are these mosquito screens easy to use/maintain and clean?

Due to the clips and fasteners that are imparted into some of the screens, it will be easy for users to remove, clean, and store them.

Do mosquito screens have any additional benefits besides insect protection?

Yes, mosquito screens not only block out mosquitoes but all kinds of insects and bugs, direct UV rays or sunrays etc. They shield your home from deadly disease carrying pests enabling you to experience a healthy life.