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FAQ'S- General Queries

What is the finest material for insect screens?

Polyester is the ideal material for making insect screens. Because of its water resistance, it makes the screen waterproof. Polyester can withstand high temperature and is durable, affordable and easy to maintain.Although many other materials are utilized to manufacture insect screens, polyester stands out as the most preferred due to its water resistance.

How to maintain these pleated mosquito screens ?

Make a clearing solution by combining one part ammonia and three parts water. Spray this clear solution over the insect screens and wipe clean with a soft cloth. You will be impressed at the results. These bug nets are simple to maintain and add an aesthetic look to your home.

Can small flies fly through screen doors?

A key core role of screening is to allow air in while keeping insects out.Mesh diameters vary, but a 1.2 mm mesh is too small for any bug to enter the house. If you find an uncommon type of mosquito that is less than 1mm in size invading your home and causing irritation, you can use a mesh size of 0.6mm.