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Mosquito Coil Vs Mosquito Screens

Mosquito coil vs Mosquito screens

Mosquitoes are a major problem all over the globe. They carry infectious agents that cause deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. Their harmful bites not only cause inflammation but also lead to severe itchiness. Since ancient times, there have been many methods to get rid of these pesky insects. Some methods include repellents, and some include a natural netting process. All these mosquito control methods aim to offer a peaceful rest to residents and a healthy disease free environment. But yet some of the methods have a lot of disadvantages like neuronal issues, breathing issues etc. the two major methods which are widely used are mosquito coil and mosquito screens. In this blog lets identify the best methods among these two by comparing and taking several aspects into consideration. 

Mosquito coils have been equipped since ancient days , they are made up of several chemicals which act as an insecticide. These coils are burnt and when they are lit they emit a kind of smoke that irritates mosquitoes and kills them at the end. Though they were an effective solution to fight against disease carrying mosquitoes, yet as time passed it was proven that the coil caused a lot of illnesses in the people who inhaled the smoke that came out of it.

Though it was so easy to use and protected the entire household for a long period of time , it was considered a harmful way to fight against mosquitoes. Some of the illness the smoke caused was respiratory issues, neurological diseases, reddish eyes etc. Minor use of these mosquito coils didn’t cause any health issues but prolonged usage proved that the smoke was harmful.

On the other hand mosquito screens came into the scene and were used by the majority of people because it is a natural defense against any pesky insect. These are installed on the doors and windows of the residence, blocking out even a tiny insect and harmful UV rays as well. They are made up of mesh material that allows fresh air to enter into residence while keeping mosquitoes at bay.

One of the advantages of these screens is they are an eco-friendly way to reduce the insect invasion and to create a bug free zone. These do not release any harmful smoke or do not cause any harmful effects when it is touched. They are pet and children friendly. They are the best choice to prevent harmful insects and protect the environment at all times when once installed. They can be installed to any openings in the home along with doors and windows. 

So when compared now we got to know that the mosquito screens always dominate the mosquito coil. So, who do you think manufactures the best standard mosquito screens in India ?

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