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Mosquito Spray Vs Mosquito Screens

Mosquito spray vs Mosquito screens

Summer is the season where we find a huge number of mosquitoes buzzing around within and outside the residences. People desire to enjoy the outdoors during summer but yet they feel bothered about the itchy bites and the discomfort caused due to the pesky insects. There are several ways to keep these insects out. Mosquito repellent spray is one of the widely used methods to kill mosquitoes and insects. Though there are still several ways to get rid of insects ,each method has its own pros and cons. So it is recommended to gain more insights about the ways and implement it in order to keep toxic away while keeping insects at bay. In this blog let us know the differences between mosquito sprays and mosquito screens in order to go for the best option. 

Because of the affordable cost and easy availability customers choose to use mosquito sprays in order to get rid of the annoying insects. But remember one thing though it is affordable it still has a lot of toxic effects. These repellent sprays are made up of certain sorts of chemicals which are toxic when exposed to it for a long period. They not only kill insects but at some points its smell also causes discomfort in humans. 

The effect of these mosquito sprays are temporary. They kill mosquitoes but there is a huge chance of seeing the insects again when the aroma of spray disappears. So this mosquito solution is not long lasting. These sprays are so effective that they can even kill other beautiful flies which are actually responsible for pollination (the process that leads to fruit formation). So in order to preserve nature it is advised to rethink before equipping such kinds of repellent sprays. 

Insect screens are another solution to keep mosquitoes at bay. They are the physical barriers that hinder insect invasion into residences. These are the long term solutions for mosquito and insect control. They are not toxic and are also eco friendly that keeps the residences free from disease carrying insects. 

These screens provide good ventilation due to their perforations. They also block out the harmful sun rays while keeping insects at bay. This is an eco-friendly way to stop the invasion of mosquitoes and other insects. They are the physical defense against insect invasion. With this option we can preserve the species by just keeping them at bay instead of killing them.

Knowing bit facts about the insect repellent sprays and mosquito screens we can understand that mosquito screens are the effective solution to enjoy a bug free zone. Now the question is who is the best mosquito screen manufacturer ? 

We Meshler are the best mosquito screen manufacturers in Hyderabad. We offer multiple insect screens with a wide range of color options. Our manufacture pleated screens, pleated security screens, zip screens both motorized and manual,honeycomb partitions and invisible screens. Our pleated screens come with standard printing that suits your interiors and give a modern look along with safety. We provide a magnetic lock system in order to ensure high security not only from insects but also from certain manipulations. Our screens are easy to install and are cost effective. If you are looking for an eco friendly and long lasting mosquito solution reach us out today to get a quote and install our screens to doors and windows.