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Pleated Mosquito Mesh 32 mm Series Grand

Pleated mosquito screens are the most commonly used mosquito protection solution for windows, doors, and balconies. Our attractive products make your room look inviting while protecting from pesky insects.

These are the trendiest replacement options for your existing insect screens. Because of its transparency, you may enjoy the beautiful landscapes outside your residence.

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Product Details

Our pleated mesh insect net is made of water-resistant polyester. We offer 6 colors in this mesh type with standard printing. To make this ,We use 5 segments of aluminum which is 1.3 mm wide.

This mesh is 20mm in size. It has a wide range of use in windows,doors and balconies. Its waterproofing enables it to withstand corrosion caused by oxygen and metal interactions.

The movement of this mesh is smooth due to well mounted control units. These products are innovative and give an elegant look for your windows and doors. 

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Innovative and Protective

Our pleated mesh screens add a fashionable touch to your interiors. These do not restrict the passage of air and light and hence provide adequate ventilation .You can enjoy the landscapes around you while sitting at home with these innovative and protective screens. They keep you safe in the home and shield you from insects that can spread disease.