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Mosquitoes have become a major threat to humans in various ways. They spread infectious agents that cause diseases, and they go on with their annoying buzz, disturbing peaceful nights rest. They spread diseases like malaria, dengue,zika virus etc.. There are many other diseases that are spread through these irritating insects. There are also several ways to prevent mosquito borne diseases. In some areas they use traditional methods to keep the bugs at bay and in some areas they use chemical spray. Though these keep mosquitoes at bay there are still a lot of disadvantages using these traditional methods and chemical sprays. In this blog, let us look into some mosquito borne diseases and identify the best way to keep the insect at bay.

Mosquito borne diseases-It’s dangers

Malaria : It is caused by a virus named plasmodium, and this virus is transmitted by female Anopheles mosquitoes. We see thousands of deaths throughout the world due to these deadly diseases. Malaria is mostly seen in tropical and subtropical regions, as these regions have a huge number of mosquitoes.

Dengue fever : In this case, we notice severe flu symptoms and a drastic drop in blood platelets. This is spread by a species of mosquito named Aedes. These mosquitoes carry the infectious agents that cause dengue.

Zika virus : This can have adverse effects on victims like rashes and joint pain. In the case of pregnant victims, this can affect the growing child in the womb, causing birth defects. This is generally transmitted through the bites of an Aedes mosquito.

West Nile virus : This is commonly caused by mosquito bites, but it leads to severe conditions like encephalitis and meningitis. The symptoms of this condition include fever, body aches, and headaches. This is a viral disease caused by an infected female mosquito.

Meshler mosquito screens - The ultimate protection

These are the ultimate insect protections, which are the best replacement option for chemical sprays and traditional methods to keep mosquitoes at bay and prevent diseases. These screens are installed over the doors and windows of the residences. They are mesh with minute perforations, allowing fresh air to enter and keeping every bug outdoors. Let us dive deeper and see how they can help us to prevent diseases caused by mosquitoes.

Prevents the entry of disease carriers : These are the best barriers to prevent the entry of insects. They not only prevent the entry of mosquitoes but also block out other bugs as well. By installing mosquito screens to your doors and windows, you can enjoy the best bug-free indoors.

Provides best long lasting protection : When you compare insect screens with other chemical sprays, The effect of chemical sprays does not last for long. Insect screens provide long-lasting protection from deadly disease carriers and offer you a safe and healthy indoor environment.

Allows fresh air : These mosquito screens offer good ventilation helping you to stay cool during warm seasons. The perforations in the mesh are of minute size enabling only fresh air to enter indoors.


Who is at risk of mosquito borne diseases?

People who are in warmer regions and also who are living in areas with high mosquito populations are majorly at risk of these diseases.

Do insect screens require any special maintenance?

They don't need any special maintenance as they are low maintenance. Regularly dusting off the debris in the mesh would be enough.

Are they eco friendly?

Yes, these are eco-friendly, as they do not release any harmful fumes and are not made of chemicals. These keep the insects at bay without causing harm to the environment or residents.