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What are the side effects of mosquito repellent ? What are the alternatives ?

What are the side effects of mosquito repellent ? What are the alternatives ?

Everyone of us is aware of the fact that mosquitoes carry and transmit infectious viruses that cause deadly diseases. So, mosquito repellent has become a common way to protect oneself from such harmful disease-carrying mosquito bites. These are available in the form of mosquito coils,lotions, candles, creams, etc., and are made of chemicals like DEET, picaridin, etc.Though these repellents are effective, they still have certain harmful side effects.Side effects can lead to severe health conditions in both kids and adults, causing some sort of discomfort, allergic reactions, and so on.

It makes you curious to know more about side effects, right? Let’s not delay more and get into detail to learn much about some side effects and also alternatives.

Side effects of mosquito repellent

  • Rashes on skin

    These insect repellents are made of certain chemicals that have the capacity to cause irritation. This makes the skin appear reddish, leading to itchiness and inflammation.This condition is mostly seen in people whose skin is sensitive to chemical products.In people who have a skin-related health condition like psoriasis or eczema, this can worsen the condition, causing severe skin irritation.

  • Respiratory problems

    Inhaling the aroma of the chemicals present in mosquito repellents can cause severe breathing issues. This is one of the potential side effects caused by these repellents. For people who have respiratory issues like asthma, inhaling the fumes from these coils can trigger breathing difficulties. So it is recommended to avoid inhaling the fumes directly and try another alternative to maintain good respiratory health

  • Causes eye irritation

    Some repellent creams can cause irritation in your eyes when they come in contact with them. This can cause redness and swelling in your eyes, making them itchy and painful with the associated tears. So one must make sure to not bring the repellent creams into contact with the eyes while applying. In some cases, the fumes can also irritate the eyes, turning them a reddish color

  • Neuronal problems

    Due to the high percentage of DEET chemicals, you may face neurological problems like confusion, seizures, tremors, etc. so these are harmful to children and elderly people as their body is more sensitive when compared to others.

Alternative for mosquito repellent

  • Mosquito screens

    Using mosquito screens can help you create a bug-free zone inside and keep harmful insects at bay. These screens are available in various forms for doors and windows. They protect you and your family from disease-carrying bites all day and night. These are effective, eco-friendly, and safe choices to get relief from mosquitoes naturally.

  • Natural repellents

    Using some essential oils like citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, etc. can keep your skin safe while also protecting from insect bites. These mask your skin's surface and make it aromatic, making it difficult for mosquitos to find you. They are available in the form of sprays, creams, candles, etc. and are made of natural essential oils.

  • Ceiling fans

    Putting on your fan can make the insects difficult to fly as they are considered as weak flyers. The wind that is blown in the air will push them far making them difficult to reach us to bite.

  • Specific sort of clothing

    Are you aware of the fact that certain clothing companies manufacture mosquito-repellent clothes that protect you from insect bites? Yes, wearing full-sleeved clothes and long trousers also creates a barrier between your skin and mosquitoes.

Among many alternatives, using mosquito screens is the best choice to get rid of the buzz of harmful mosquitoes. We at Meshler in Hyderabad manufacture eco-friendly mosquito screens that are custom made to fit all your doors and windows. By considering modern architecture and interiors, our screens are well designed to suit your style while also keeping the insects outside. The perforations in our mesh allow a fresh breeze to flow in, providing good ventilation at all times. They are long-lasting and pet and children friendly, with detachable and non-detachable systems.We offer a wide range of screens, namely honeycomb partitions,pleated screens, zip screens, and invisible screens, with various color options and printing to fit your interiors. Contact us today to install and create an insect-free zone to enjoy a seamless fresh breeze.