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Pleated Mesh 25mm Series Ideal

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Pleated MeshTypes

Commonly these ideal bug screens are used to create window or door screens that provide optimum airflow while keeping insects away. The total width of this mesh is 25mm .The thin strands of metal wires are twisted to form an innovative pleated mosquito me.

This type of insect screens are used in balconies , windows and doors. Because of the way it is designed, air can move freely without being interrupted, resulting in good ventilation. Due to its well mounted control units it slides freely without causing unpleasant sounds.

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Our product slides very smoothly because of the control unit mounted on the wheel. It provides your balcony doors and house windows a modern twist. These screens can be used for windows in your home, workplace, and other buildings. These are the modern solutions for safeguarding your home from pesky insects and upgrading its appearance.